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Welcome to the Rock!

Mark Your Calendar

May 11 - Mother's Day Breakfast. Details below.

May 18 - Sunday Night Bible Study 6 PM. Details below.

June 09 - Youth Camp! More details to follow.

July 2 to 4 - Little Radicals Camp ages 6 to 7.

July 21 to 25 Kids Camp! ages 8 to 12

Early Riser?

What better way to start a day of worship than with some of the Rock Family that gathers at 8:00am for prayer? Afterwards, enjoy a cup of coffee, a donut, and fellowship before heading off to our Live-it classes beginning at 9:22am.

Upcoming Event Details

Friday Night Bible Study - Join Reverend Chris Verschage and his wife, Karen, as they lead us through an in-depth study in the Book of Exodus beginning Friday, Feb. 28th at 7:00pm in the Chapel.

Mother's Day Breakfast - There will be no Sunday school classes on Sunday, May 11. Instead, we will be honoring our mothers by having our men prepare and serve breakfast in the gymnasium at nineish in the morning.

Expect delays, unusually sloppy presentation, and lots of bacon. It won't be for lack of trying. We hope to see you there!


Do you have a need? - If you have a need for prayer, counseling, spiritual guidance, or visitation, you may call the church or Pastor Darrell's cell phone 802-5377.

If you would like us to pray with you or for you, you may submit your prayer request or praise report by email to Tom Ashing or call him at 691-3046.

We are happy that you decided to visit our website! Feel free to click around and learn what you can. Go check out our new and growing Media Library!

We invite you to come and visit us during our service times -- Sunday morning at 10:30am and Wednesday night at 7:00pm. Our church is located at 12500 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73170.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by telephone at (405) 692-7700, or you can e-mail us at

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Come As You Are


We are excited to hear from you, but we'd rather see you in person. Get directions.