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50 Things I Know

I turned 50 years old last month. I’ve seen others write their “50 Things that I Know” to mark this milestone in life. So, I thought, “why not?” After much thought, here are my “50 Things that I Know” and I’d like to share them with you.

1. Brag on others not yourself.

2. The exercise program that works is the one that you will actually do.

3. No one’s life is ever what they thought it would be; it’s not just you.

4. “It isn’t about you” is not always correct but it is most of the time.

5. There are friends that you will love more than family.

6. Your guardian angel travels the speed limit.

7. If you are down, counting your blessings not only makes you feel better but guards your mind.

8. Reading and meditating on God’s Word is healing.

9. One of the most destructive forces on the planet is two women gossiping.

10. You don’t have to tell everything.

11. Let go of regret and instead use hindsight.

12. Time seems to speed up as you get older.

13. Change is hard even when it’s good.

14. Every good and perfect gift comes from God.

15. Cute shoes and good hair can make a bad day good and a good day even better.

16. Tell God everything. Jesus is a perfect friend.

17. An empty nest is peaceful.

18. My relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in my life, without him, I am nothing.

19. A glass of water, a Tylenol, and a nap will fix almost anything. (Oh, and ice cream!)

20. A temper is not a sign of anger, it’s a sign of fear.

21. Emotions are like the weather….unstable and changing. Don’t make life-altering decisions when you are emotional. Stand on what is true.

22. Human love is selfish and unreliable. God’s love is perfect and unfailing. I can love with God’s love because he first loved me.

23. Humbly taking the high road is never a mistake. Acting like a lady is never a mistake.

24. Never trust someone who doesn’t like gravy.

25. Be calm, be kind, and be connected to the Holy Spirit. Always.

26. Nothing will satisfy you but giving your life to Jesus Christ and living in a relationship with him.

27. Growth is uncomfortable, even painful, but stagnation is deadly. Move forward.

28. How you act when times are good shows your personality. How you act in times of stress reveals your character.

29. Having a peaceful home is worth fighting for.

30. Trust in God not in people.

31. Beware of being a “tell it like it is” person…you can never unsay what you said, take back what you’ve written, or unpost that rant.

32. After salvation, God’s greatest gift to me is my husband, Darrell. Thank you, Jesus. May I always be a good wife to him and show him how much he means to me.

33. You never “arrive”, “grow up”, or have it all figured out. So, it’s better to not act like you do. Pride is ugly and God hates it. Be real, be yourself.

34. Don’t get your news from social media. Don’t get your forecast from dramatic weathermen.

35. Buy cheap sunglasses.

36. Drink Coffee. Eat Jalapeno poppers. Not necessarily together, but maybe.

37. If someone gets mad because you said “no” that doesn’t mean you should have

said “yes”.

38. God requires 10% but you owe him everything.

39. Pray for yourself.

40. Just try. Good intentions do matter. The world is driven by results. God judges your heart. Just try.

41. God loved and protected me even when I rejected Him. Have mercy for others.

42. Wash your hands.

43. The real you is who God created you to be.

44. A lesson I learned from my husband; Focus on the solution not on the problem.

45. Another one from my husband; What you do is not the same as who you are.

46. The first step in finding a solution is to talk to God.

47. Being punctual shows respect. (Even for church :)

48. Christ died for my sins…the best thing that’s ever happened for me. (And you, too!)

49. Makeup doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be beautiful but kindness does.

50. I need Jesus more than ever. You need Jesus more than ever. This world needs Jesus more than ever.

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