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Did You Feel That?

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

As you are probably aware, here in Oklahoma, we occasionally have earthquakes. Some are a slight trimmer that you can barely feel, while others are strong enough to cause a few moments of concern. Either way, when I have been around people at the time of an earthquake, you always hear someone say, "did you feel that"!

It is a desire to confirm that what you just felt, or thought you felt, was real. We often have such moments at The Rock Assembly too – not from earthquakes but from a shift that take place during our services.

As we come together to worship and praise our Lord, it is a carnal, intentional decision which we make - individually. However, as we each start making that intentional decision to worship, something happens. A shift takes place that takes us from a carnal decision made by one individual into a collective decision which transforms individuals into the collective body of Christ. It is a shift in the service that is so special that it makes me want to turn to someone and ask – "Did you feel that"?

At that time in our services, as we are transformed, united and in singleness of spirit, anything becomes possible. In that place and time, lives and situations can be changed, burdens can be laid down and sorrow can be turned into joy.

I enjoy my private prayer and devotion time but nothing can ever replace what happens as we come together to worship and hear God speak to our hearts through His word.

I am well aware that life happens. People get sick, vacations are taken and unavoidable circumstances make coming to church difficult. So, it is not possible for everyone to make every church service and church function but I want you to be aware that the dynamics of our services are affected by YOUR presence, participation and obedience - or your absence. Your presence and your part in that special shift each week – matters.

So, the next time we are worshiping together and you feel that special feeling that comes over you, don't be surprised if someone turns to you and asks, "Did you feel that"?

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